[Sa-zoku] 【4P漫画】海老名ちゃんに中出し (Himouto! Umaru-chan)

Making Sweet Love

As we lay together cuddled in bed
The heat rises and thoughts run through my head

As I start to kiss your soft and tender lips
My hands wonder and rub on your hips

As I kiss on your neck I feel your body tense
Then I feel your relaxation as you kick in another sense

As I continue my downward journey I come upon your breast
Where my tongue can’t help but to take a rest

As I lick around your breast so firm and round
I listen to your body make that moaning sound

As I continue to explore this body so elegant
I have to make sure I treat it really delicate

As I travel lower and lower I kiss on her body
I make sure for what comes next my baby is ready

As I venture below my baby’s panty line
I can tell that a chill has just went up her spine

As she moans and gets wet
I am a strapping on a condom you bet

As I slowly move in and out
I feel her body moving about

As we create a rhythm that no one else can feel
Our bodies move together we’re in sync that’s fo real

As I feel my baby getting looser and looser
We both know that this passion must move deeper and faster

As you know this love making journey doesn’t end there
I will certainly tell my baby let’s switch positions, do you care?

As we all know all good things on Earth come to an end
But this love making will always begin again. Mas [Girls Und Panzer] Anchovy Photo Gallery… .

Hentai: [Sa-zoku] 【4P漫画】海老名ちゃんに中出し (Himouto! Umaru-chan)

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