[Chacharan] 海辺で水着虞美人と???? (Fate Grand Order)[零星汉化组]

He must have been out of his mind!!! Putting an ad in an underground paper personals section was totally nuts, but for some reason he had this strange urge to see and touch a woman who was six or seven months pregnant!!! Several weeks went by and Vance had pretty much had forgotten all about placing the ad, until then one day his mail box contained a letter of a thirty three year old woman who wanted to meet him!!! Excitedly he read her letter and found out that she was married but her husband had lost all interest in having sex with her ever since she became pregnant!!! His hands were literal shaking as he stared at a picture of an attractive blonde woman whose belly seemed to go on forever, so with a great deal of trepidation he picked up the phone and dialed her number!!! “Hello,” a feminine voice on the other end of the line, “this is Angela, how may I help you!?!” It was now or never, so in a soft almost whispered voice he replied, “Uh, my name is Vance and you answered my ad in the paper!!!” Oh, Vance,” she replied smoothly, “I’m so happy you called, I hope you liked my picture, I don’t look too fat do I!?!” “Oh no,” he quickly replied, “y-you look just fine, in fact I’d say you look wonderful!!!” “That’s so nice of you to say,” she replied in a sweet voice that instantly gave him a huge hardon, “I’m so looking forward to meeti?}?ng you in person, that’s why you called isn’t it!?!” “Uh, yeah sure,” he stumbled, “when do you want to get together!?!” “Well, for me it would be the sooner the better,” she answered softly, “I just want you to know that I’m really in need, if you know what I mean!?!” Vance actually made a loud gulping sound, and after getting his bearings, he replied in wavering voice, “I-I know exactly what you mean, how about tomorrow afternoon!?!” “That sounds just fine,” she answered quickly, “when and where!?!” “Do you know where the Old Time Bar is,” he asked, “it’s over on Eighth Street!?!” “I know where it is,” she replied almost breathlessly!!! “Good, then lets meet there at one tomorrow afternoon,” he replied, “how does that sound!?!” “I’ll be there,” she answered, “I hope you will be too!!!”

Vance sat in a booth facing the door while nursing a gin and tonic, and while he was nervous, it was a nervousness that felt exciting!!! He was right in the middle of looking at the clock on the wall, and when he returned his gaze back to the front door, there she was, all blonde and beautiful with that huge belly proceeding her!!! He quickly jumped to his feet and motioned her over to his table, and as she sat down asked her if she wanted a drink!!! “I’m sorry, Vance, but since I’m pregnant I’m not allowed to drink or smoke,” she replied while taking a seat, “but you go ahead, I’ll just have a diet soda!!!” He ordered her soda, and after they were all settled in he said in a low voice, “Y-you’re even prettier than your picture!!!” She squeezed his hand and replied, “That’s very kind of you, you don’t know how long it’s been since I got a compliment like that!!!” Vance didn’t want to get to personal, but the thought of someone treating a beautiful woman like dirt just pissed him off, so in an even voice asked, “Is your husband some kind of asshole or something, what the hell is his problem!?!” Tears welled up in her eyes, and as she dabbed them away she replied, “My ?}?husband has lost all interest in me physically, at first I tried to initiate contact myself, but he rejected me completely so I just gave up, I’m sorry that I’m crying but it really hurts feeling so alone all of the time!!!” Vance took her hand and kissed it and replied, “Well, Angela, you don’t have to worry about being rejected by me, I can guarantee you that!!!”

Vance led Angela by the arm out to his car, and as they walked the aroma of perfume filled his nostrils, and as he glanced down at her bulging belly his pecker turned to blue steel as if it had a mind of its own!!! Ten minutes later Vance closed the motel room door behind him, and for the first several seconds they just eyed each other a little warily until to relieve the tension Vance unbuckled his pants, and as they dropped to the floor offered, “Just to show you the effect you’re having on me look at this,” and just at that moment his hard erection bounced into view, taking Angela’s breath away!!! “Is it what you expected,” he asked softly while staring at her distended tummy, “because it’s hard as a rock!?!” “Ohhhhhhhh my,” she gushed while crossing the room towards him, “it’s just what the doctor ordered,” and with that she struggled to the floor, and with a long sigh, she opened her mouth and took him inside!!!

Vance’s legs wobbled unsteadily while Angela did a number on the head of his fat cock, and while he was almost desperate to cum, what he really wanted to do was see that big belly overhanging her hot cunt, so reluctantly he pulled her to her feet and started undressing her!!! Vance had seen a score or more of women take off their clothing in his presence, but for sheer excitement, watching a woman heavy with child shed her things was incredibly arousing!!! Angela’s breasts were being held in place by a huge utilitarian bra that did little to emphasize her sexuality, but when she slowly slipped it off of her slim shoulders exposing her purple tipped monsters to his eyes, he nearly sho?}?t a load just watching them flop heavily onto her huge tummy!!! When she was finally down to her white cotton panties, Vance dropped to his knees in front of her and after giving her a loving smile, slipped them down to her ankles, exposing what was surely the hairiest pussy he had ever seen in his entire life!!!

Now it was his turn to take care of her, and after gently pushing her onto the bed, he opened her legs and pressed his tongue into her steamy cunt, bringing her to a stunning climax within a matter of seconds after contacting her erect little clit!!! With a little smile creeping over her face she was finally was able to speak and whispered, “I-I’m sorry, it just happened, it’s been so long for me, I just couldn’t control it, please forgive me!!!” Vance just shook his head, and after giving her hairpie a nice long French kiss offered gently, “No apology necessary, it was my pleasure getting you off, in fact I probably enjoyed it as much as you did!!!” She took her big breasts into her hands and twisted her nipples gently and replied, “Well, I find that pretty hard to believe, but I’m glad you’re happy, now how would you like me to get you off!?!”

Angela took her place in the straight back chair over in the corner, and after leaning forward slightly, she nodded her head to Vance who put his hard pecker between her breasts and big belly!!! “Now press them together,” he panted as she squeezed her big tits together around his hard cock, “now I’m gonna fuck your fat boobs and tummy!!!” As he powered his hardon in and out of the crack formed by holding her chest together, the underside of his dick rubbed across the top of her big belly, driving him closer and closer to orgasm!!! This is what he had been dreaming of, having his pecker caressing the belly of a pregnant chick and cumming all over her, incredible!!! Faster and faster he stroked, until his dick was nearly a blur flying in and out of her tit crack!!! His head was rolling from side to side ?}?on his shoulders as his climax neared, and just as his nut sack tightened slightly, she begged in a decidedly ragged voice, “Come for mama, cover her big tits and belly with your hot cum, come on and do it for her!!!” That did it!!! Just hearing the pretty pregnant woman urging him on caused his pecker to convulse hard, spewing load after load all of hot jism all over her fat boobs and belly!!! As his orgasm waned, his legs shuddered for a moment and he tumbled back on the bed with his eyes glazed over!!!

They made love several more times that afternoon, and each succeeding time was better than the time before!!! When it was finally time to leave they made arrangements to meet again the following week, if ever there was heaven on earth they had found it in each other’s arms and they intended to make the most of it!!!

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Hentai: [Chacharan] 海辺で水着虞美人と???? (Fate Grand Order)[零星汉化组]

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