[Strawberry Amaoh] Lost Eden (Yaoi) (Saint Seiya Omega)


” yeah i know exactly what you mean” i replied with a smug look

” umm bro don't you see this umm this thing what ever it is brother its a blessing i mean that was amazing so what this is why your freaking out”

” no theirs more than this ok at the cinema i started to get this hunger this burning hunger through my hole body like i was starving and then i got into this fight with another guy because i was trying to help this girl and as soon as my hand touched his body i felt the life drain from his body into mine look there's to much to explain ok im going crazy trying to find out what's happening to me”

” yo Jake don't you see what this is this thing what ever it is its made you stronger man and wait what do you mean dude what fight and your telling me this thing that's made you stronger took this guys what his soul his life what”

” ok first of all soul no do i look like the grim reaper no im just saying it was like i could feel the life drain from his body and fill my own but it felt crazy it made the hunger stop but that's not all i can do”

“wai. Full story .

Hentai: [Strawberry Amaoh] Lost Eden (Yaoi) (Saint Seiya Omega)

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