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Its your choice’

He turned her over and took the tape off her mouth slowly so as not to hurt her anymore- he didn’t want her biting his cock. [Shirisensha] Seikou Senki Juerutsuinzu~Ikarosu… 'Well bro- guess this is goodbye- im sorry though- really i am'

'fuck you tom- i hope you two are happy together- a druggie and a slut!! Perfect couple- now fuck off both of you!'

They walked out into the night, Tom wrapped his coat around Carries shoulders.

Hentai: (C74) [Ueda-san. (Kaname.)] Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. (Brave Story)

Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 1Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 2Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 3Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 4Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 5Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 6Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 7Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 8Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 9Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 10Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 11Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 12Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 13Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 14Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 15Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 16Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 17Mochimochi. Mochimochimochi. 18

(C74) [ウエダさん。 (かなめ。)]もちもち。もちもちもち。(ブレイブ・ストーリー)

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