(COMIC1☆14) [Kyomu No Uta (Satou Toshio)] Oppai-sou No (Sunohara-sou No Kanrinin-san)

“But don't the panties chafe against your clitoris, arousing you even more!?!” “I-I guess so,” Jan answered in a confused voice, “Oh god, please let me cum, I'm so fucking close!!!” Jan's clitoris was now bulging proudly for everyone to see, and obviously was in a state of incredible arousal! Roni leaned her head forward, and after kissing the inside of the trembling red head's thighs let her mouth open slightly, allowing the huge clit to slip easily inside!

Within only a matter of seconds Jan was bucking her hips forward in an attempt to get Roni to suck her harder! Now it was the blonde's turn to get hot as she simply devoured the incredible organ, bringing the poor woman to an unbelievably stunning climax! She groaned loud and long as her cum radiated out from her clit until her entire body was captured in its grip! All around the room the other women were now frantically masturbating while watching the cute little red head get her pussy sucked to pure heaven!!! The aroma of aroused vaginas wafted through the air, adding even more excitement to the already incredibly arousing situation! When everyone had come down from their high, only Veronica Knight was left unsatisfied, and after laying down in the middle of the circle with her legs wide apart she asked haltingly, “W-who wants to finish me off?!?!?”

Everyone was in a state of shock at the rapid turn of events, but Mary was quickly becoming turned on all over again as she stared at Roni's bulging sex organs! Instead of doing her with her mouth, however, Mary climbed on top of the stunned instructor and after kissing her deeply on the mouth, ground her own cunt into Roni's until their huge clits were pressing hard together! “G-good fucking god in heaven,” Roni gasped as her own clit was being strafed by Mary's own monster, “it's just like you were fucking me!” The rest of the class stared slack jawed while Mary's cute ass bounced up and down while she raked her clit over and over again across Roni's bulger!!! Mary was close to having her second cum in a matter of only several minutes, but she certainly wasn't alone as the rest of the class paired off and began taking turns feeding on each others overly developed clits! Several of the women were so turned on that they opened up their tops to expose their hard nippled breasts to anyone who cared to look! Mary didn't quite see how this class was going to help her with her “problem”, but as she fucked her teacher with her gigantic clit, they both stiffened at the same moment as cums of brutal proportions slammed into their groins like freight trains on the loose! Over the next several minutes the rest of the women had cums of their own until each and everyone was totally and completely satiated and ready to go home!!!

After everyone had dressed Roni announced softly, “Same time next week, ladies, I think we're making progress!” Mary smiled to herself as she made her way to the car while saying to herself, “Progress indeed, progress indeed!!!”

THE END. Show more Her last doctor had recommended she attend this special class to help her cope with her problem.

Hentai: (COMIC1☆14) [Kyomu no Uta (Satou Toshio)] Oppai-sou no (Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san)

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(COMIC1☆14) [虚無の歌 (佐藤登志雄)]おっぱい荘の(すのはら荘の管理人さん)

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